Spotted . . .

. . . the best "Spoiler Alert!" graphic ever, from the PBS Web site:

I found this genteel equivalent of "Here be dragons" on the PBS site for Cranford, which I am bumping up to the top of my Netflix queue. I watched part of it when it initially aired last May, but lost track of the last episode and want to know how it ends. Not badly enough to have watched it over the air on online last summer, but now my curiosity knows no bounds. Well, it does know some bounds: I didn't read any of the plot synopsis that appeared below the picture on the Web site.

In other news, I have successfully reconfigured the other TV & VCR/DVD setup to record the shows I was in danger of missing on Mondays and Thursdays. I'm sure you were waiting with bated breath to see how that little drama played out . . . not.

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