Somehow yesterday felt like Friday, so it was a total bummer when my alarm went off and I had to come to work this morning. On the plus side, hardly anybody's here and I'm caught up on most of my projects, so I can coast a little on that and spend some time with my Google Reader feeds.

Speaking of reading: I'm totally behind on all of my library books as a result of my West Wing obsession. I had to renew a few of them, and I think I might give up on a few — I'm just not in the mood to read Children of the Mind, so I may as well send it back and stop feeling guilty for letting the books gather dust while I watch TV.

Since Tuesday is a light TV night for me, I caught up with the stuff I taped on Monday: Gossip Girl and three hours of talk/faux news: Leno, Fallon, Stewart, Colbert. It would have been four, except Ferguson's in reruns this week. I like the new Leno, inasmuch as it's the old Leno, minus the desk.

I wish that some of the shows I enjoy would switch from Monday or Thursday nights to Tuesday night. Mondays and Thursdays are trainwrecks; even with two VCRs I have to watch one show live each night (or catch it online). And don't give me that "Get a DVR, Grandma!" speech, because even if I had one of those I would still need to tape the third show.

Actually, I have a third VCR, but somehow it won't record anything. I think it's got something to do with the way I have the cable connected to it, but until now I've been too lazy to reconfigure it so I could tape a show if I wanted. Hmm. Maybe that'll be a project for tonight . . . it sounds much more interesting than doing laundry.

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