Ken Continues to Ghostwrite My Blog

In additional Ken Jennings news:

This is exactly how I feel about "Personality Parade" (and the Mailbag column in the Beacon Journal) but I have never been able to articulate it so clearly.

And yesterday the “Personality Parade” column in Parade magazine ran a little update on my whereabouts . . . .

“Personality Parade” cracks me up. Fifteen years after the invention of the World Wide Web, this is still a forum for confused elderly people to ask, “What is Sean Connery’s middle name?” and “My wife says Liza Minnelli was in
Arthur 2: On the Rocks, but I think she was only in the first Arthur. A steak dinner is riding on this. Who is right?”

I can just imagine this couple eagerly turning to
Parade magazine every Sunday in hopes that this greatest mystery of their lives will be answered . . . only to be disappointed. “If only there were some other resource in our homes that would give us information on celebrities and their work!” they wail, turning sadly to the super-sized Sunday “Jumble.”

Frankly, I always assumed that all the “Personality Parade” letters had been fake ever since Al Gore invented IMDb, but the nice lady who interviewed me said that they’d received an actual question about me. Awesome! “Personality Parade” was Google for thirty years, but apparently some people haven’t heard that its once-cutting-edge technology been replaced. And here’s your trivia: as late as last year, Personality Parade was written by long-deceased Ivanhoe author Sir Walter Scott!

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