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Sad headline in my RSS feed this morning:
Les Lye of 'You Can't Do That On Television' Dies At 84

You Can't Do That was, by just about any measure, a weird program. It was a sketch show about a sketch show, simultaneously corny as all get out (one recurring Laugh-In-inspired bit consisted solely of the cast popping out of school lockers two at a time to tell jokes that would make Borscht Belt comedians blanch) and postmodern, with countless shatterings of the fourth wall and self-referential jokes.

It was basically
The Muppet Show with Canadian kids instead of hands wrapped in felt, and Lye was Gonzo, Sam The Eagle, Animal, Sweetums and Crazy Harry all in one.

I love that show, and, despite having grown up in the U.S., hate Saved by the Bell — which will make sense if you read the rest of the article. Go ahead, it's Friday — nobody does any real work today anyway. Watch the YouTube clip, too. Then take a long lunch, and then go home early. See you Monday.

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