Alt-Quiz Night

So, for the second week in a row I went to the other Pub Quiz. This time I played with Mike D's parents, AKA the Flying Monkeys.

The host of this quiz, Jeff, is celebrating a birthday tomorrow, so MD'sP put together a special "All about Jeff" quiz, full of brain-teasers like "How many pints tall is Jeff?" and "How long can Jeff hula hoop?"

The twenty-questions part of the regular quiz was relatively easy — What country gave us the Statue of Liberty? What are the three NBA teams based in Texas? — but I had no clue about some of the music questions, so it was a good thing Heidi knew the last four or five songs. (In my defense: Who listens to Daughtry?!)

There was a two-way tie for first place, which meant it was time for the physical challenge: Sidewalk cornhole. Our representative did totally awesome in the practice throws and then went for strategery (trying to knock the other team's bags off the board) instead of simply getting his bags in the hole, so that kind of backfired and we lost. Bummer.

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