Nerdstalgia Is Right

So, if you cared, I knocked my taxes out in about four or five hours —  first completing the paper forms and then going to the respective Web sites and filing online.

Afterward, I was checking my RSS feeds for anything awesome, and found this post on the blog for Jimmy Fallon's show.* 

Oh my. Apparently NBC News is the one who popularized the concept of the Internet as a series of tubes? I point to the voiceover stating "Documents . . . animations . . . sounds . . . even moving pictures, piped to your computer screen through something called the Internet" that leads off the report.

Anyhow, thanks to the "international network of computers called the Internet," I could have procrastinated another fifteen to twenty hours. Or gotten some actual work done in the last fifteen minutes — I just couldn't stop watching it.

* Shut up! I think he's cute. And the Roots is the best band in late night — sorry, Kevin, Lenny, Joe, and Cleto.  (Note that I am totally ignoring Paul on purpose.)

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