Keeping Hope Alive

I ditched work yesterday afternoon to go see the OU men's basketball game, partly because I was afraid they were going to be one and done in this year's MAC tournament.

Happily for me, they won. Completely due, I'm sure, to my lucky t-shirt — a vintage model proclaiming OU as the 1994 MAC champions.

Even better? The next game is going to be at a more reasonable hour, so I don't have to use up the rest of my personal days this week. Well, I guess I didn't have to use one yesterday, either, except that I wanted to hang out at the pre-game party.

The sucky part about Thursday? OU is matched up against BG, the number-one seed in the tournament.

Also sucky? The alum who picked up most of my tab yesterday isn't going to be at tomorrow's game, so I'll have to start paying my own way. I'll probably also have to buy my own ticket — I manged to snag a free one yesterday, which was awesome.

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