Friday Timewaster: Spot Bowl 2009

To help you prepare for Sunday . . . .

Steelers, shmeelers. Go Cardinals!


Yeah, so, I was going to do a different meme each day this week, but my natural laziness reared its well-fed head and I didn't. Besides, I had some actual stuff to do on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and I got involved in a project at work that didn't involve sitting at a desk all day trying to look busy, so that cut into my usual blogging time.

So, now it's Friday. Woo. I might go to the Cavs game tonight, which would be great, even though it's just the Clippers and the seats might be closer to the rafters than the court. I'm hoping that there's no carryover from last night's road loss and they stay perfect at home. (What's the longest home court winning streak in the NBA? You would think you could quickly Google that and come up with a statisfactory response, but no.)

Hmm. If I go to the game, that would make three weekends in a row that I attended an event at the Q: Monsters hockey, the figure skating championships, and Cavs basketball. That's probably a new personal record. Yay, me?

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