Who Is This for, Really?

Spotted at Target last night:

Edible (candy) shot glasses? Whaa??

And apparently this is not a new fad —
this post from the Craft & Bake blog is from 2005.

So, if you like to lick your liquor, hie thee to the dollar bin — they had a ton of them in the Rocky River store. (No, I did not buy one. I am no longer a professional drinker, and I am not a fan of sugary candies. If it were made of chocolate, well . . . that'd be a different story.)

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  1. Not a professional drinker? HA! Are you not the defending champion of "Take Me Drunk I'm Home?"

    And I seem to recall you with something alcoholic in your hand at many of the social events at the last conference we attended. You're fitting in with us so well . . .

  2. I said I am no longer a professional drinker. "No longer" is not the same as "not"! Having a beer here and there doesn't affect my amateur status.

    Anyway, the "Take Me Drunk I'm Home" stories are about events that happened, like, twelve years ago. These days, I don't do double shots of Everclear on a bet, or lick spilled Brainstomper off the bar, or almost knock down the drive-thru with my friend's truck because I'm trying to buy some Sprite to mix with my Absolut Kurant.

  3. I've had chocolate shot glasses before. Mmmmm soooo yummy with khalua or baileys. I suppose you could have peppermint schnapps in these ... or vodka maybe. I think I'll stick with my chocoshots.

  4. shit
    now im gonna have to return your gift