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I'm bored with all of my CDs and it's a pain to set up my iPod for quick trips around town, so lately I've been flipping on the FM and hitting scan. It's kind of fun to play "Name that Tune" and I get to hear little snippets of NPR to balance out my no-television-news policy. (There are two NPR affiliates relatively close to each other on the dial, and the second one is about fifteen seconds behind the first, so I'll actually hear the same snippet twice.)

Besides my standard Cleveland/Akron favorites, which are already programmed into the presets, I've been enjoying some of the college stations in the area. I also noticed that I can pick up some stations to the south, west, and north.

I must have still been in an O Canada! mood from the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother, which I just watched last night, because this morning I stopped the scan on "London's Best Rock," FM 96, where Tucker & Taz were explaining that the online game where you can throw shoes at George W. Bush was not down due to a bandwith issue; they had inadvertently given the wrong URL.

They revealed that it was not "Shock and Awe dot com" but "Sock and Awe
dot com," which is not only infinitely funnier but also brings you this:

Objective: Hit President Bush in the face with your shoes. Do it!

Heh. On my first time out, I only got five.

I also find it interesting that the site contains a list of the countries that are throwing said shoes. Number one? USA! USA! USA! Number two? France. I sense that a return to "freedom fries" is imminent.

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  1. 10! Cool!

    My mother and I used to play radio "Name that Tune" all the time. We always wanted to be on the TV show. But alas, never happened