Friday Timewaster: Single Serving Sites

Single Serving Sites list on

Earlier this year, started a list of Single Serving Sites.

Some of these are pretty awesome ... like the "gentle advice to those who ask dumb questions." Or the instructions for spelling "definitely."

And, for all you Shatnerites out there (and they are legion), here's a little


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  1. This has nothing to do with your current post, but I wanted to pass along a hearty Thank You for hooking me up with the Unemployed Philosophers Guild through this journal. I've purchased a couple of Christmas presents from them for a dear friend who is deeply into the history of British royalty. One item I got was the Henry VIII coffee mug with the images of his 6 wives that disappear when you pour in a hot beverage. Trust me, she'll go NUTS when she sees this!

  2. Awesome! Glad I could help (in some small way) . . .

    Now that the nuns have moved to our other office, I don't get quite the same kick out of my Jeez-its and Ten Commandments post-it notes. The Jesus Shaves mug? Still funny.