In the past, some of my friends have complained about the bizarre and utterly random suggestions Amazon likes to make, which are supposedly based on your past consumption and the general browsing and purchasing patterns of people like you.

I don't recall having an exact term for these, though, so I'll second the nomination put forth by Paul Lamere, who writes the blog Duke Listens: freakomendation.

He explains it a bit in
Watching a new word spread through the blogosphere - Duke Listens!, but the term is almost self-explanatory, and therein lies its beauty.

Anyhow, i
f you think the suggestions you get from Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, et al. are wacky, check out some of the posts in his Freakomendations category.

For example:

Because you enjoyed F**k, you will need to see In The Womb (or it may just sit on top of your DVD player for 9 months).

I'm really not making these up.

Posted on May 19, 2008

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  1. Wow that really IS bizarre! And I LOVE the term freakomendation! I may use it, with the author's permission that is....I mean, that is your job right? Given permissions and such. Proofing.