Better to Have and Not Need ...

When I was in DC yesterday with a pal, meandering around (among other things*) the WW II memorial, the FDR memorial, and the giant "Congratulations, Obama!" card in front of the Lincoln memorial, I was also appreciating the plethora of restrooms at convenient locations.

On that note, I was telling Brian about some Web site I'd heard of that helps you find the nearest restroom to your location. While we roundly mocked the idea, on some level it is awesome. When I got home, I found that I had saved the link in my Drafts folder. So, ta-da! Use it in good health.

SitOrSquat — Web site that helps you locate nearby public restrooms. Enter your location and get back a map displaying close public toilets. Works also from mobile phone. Read more: SitOrSquat - Find Closest Public Toilets.

*Stuff like the George Mason memorial bus stop, the JFK hockey field, and the Teddy Roosevelt/NAMBLA island. (Yeah, we were pretty much making fun of everything. It was a good time.)

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