Stay Golden, Leonard Nimoy

You know how you hear through the pop culture grapevine that something is awesome or horrible (or perhaps horribly awesome or awesomely horrible), and then you experience it for yourself and realize that everyone else was right?

That was kind of my experience with the
Golden Throats series by Rhino. I had some vague impressions from the hive mind of how hilariously goofy it was, but no personal knowledge of its trainwrecky brilliance . . . until today.

I came across the original Golden Throats CD* at the library last night, and even though I forgot my card and my photo ID, the circulation clerks know me and let me check it out anyway. So, the dulcet tones of Jim Nabors interpreting the Stevie Wonder classic "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" ** are helping me get through the morning.

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* Shatner and Nimoy get two tracks each on this disc, but I already have the ne plus ultra of the Star Trek stars' vocal outputs, Spaced Out: The Best of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner, which I came across at Half Price Books a while back.

** Think of the whitest, most over-enunciating dude you ever saw audition for American Idol. Golly!

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  1. Hi! I've just been enjoying your writings -- I'm afraid I shall have to appropriate that cartoon about the Pope's blog. Since you might not see it otherwise, the following was my response to your posting on my blog:

    "Thanks for coming by! I am a fan of Ebert's writing from way back. Since moving to Chicago 16 years ago, I've been able to read a lot more of it -- he also contributes occasional essays and editorials of a non-cinematic nature. His prose and clarity of thought are just as enjoyable there as in his movie reviews."