I Totally Want This: Almost Everything in the Apple Store

I was at Crocker Park last night, probably for the first time since Claddagh closed and we stopped having Pub Quiz there. Since I had to hike from the parking garage to the Barnes & Noble, I passed by the shiny new Apple store twice.

A girl only has so much willpower — and my resistance was already weakened by my encounter at the bookstore* —
but I manged to go in, drool copiously for about twenty minutes, and escape without doing further damage to my Discover card balance.

I have been toying with the idea of getting a second iPod for some time now, and I've narrowed it down to choosing between an iPod Classic and an iPod Touch. I can't decide what I want more: the storage space or the wi-fi connection.

So far, I've only been viewing the specs and photos online, although I may have gazed wistfully at the boxes in the self-serve Apple kiosk in Macy's or the locked cabinets in Target. Either way, I had never actually touched the Touch or the latest generation of iPods until yesterday.

They both perform pretty much as advertised, so I wasn't disappointed or impressed in that area. What did surprise me was how tiny they are. My ancient iPod (which mostly works fine) is a sumo wrestler in comparison to this Kate Moss of a device (shown below at actual size**).

Holding something that eensy just
makes my big meaty paw look bigger and meatier.

I was relating my experiences to Cathy this morning, and she began extolling the virtues of her tiny iPod Shuffle: "
When you're working out, you don't want a big honkin' thing on you." ***

I wouldn't be using it when I work out, though. I'm not sure when I would use it, actually.
  • In the car, I prefer to have my personal mix CDs, because for most of my jaunts it takes longer to hook up the iPod to the charger, find an available frequency on the radio transmitter, and pick a playlist than it does to get where I'm going.

  • At the office, I can either listen to all the stuff I have in iTunes on my work computer, access items from my home library that have been uploaded to Lala, pick a station on Pandora or Last.fm, see what's new on the Sixtyone, or find stuff on YouTube. (Or I could do actual work . . . ?)

  • At home, I usually have my laptop on and iTunes open, playing my library there, or I have my iPod in the clock radio thingy I got a while back.

I suppose that if I lived in a big city with excellent wi-fi coverage and I had a lengthy commute on some form of mass transit, I would have bought one already. As it is, I can't really justify it. And yet . . . I buy things I can't justify all the time.

I do have a love of retro/old-school things, though, and my iPod is rapidly approaching vintage status and still in working order. And yet . . . New! Shiny!

Sigh. You see my dilemma.

* I went in needing one book for $7.95. I came out with four 2009 calendars (none of which was Porn for Women — link is SFW — partly because only one of the guys in it is actually hot), four books from the buy-one-get-one-half-off table,
a street atlas of Columbus (where I always manage to get lost), a street atlas of Akron/Summit County (which I probably don't really need, but wanted as a companion to my Cleveland/Cuyahoga County street atlas and in lieu of buying a new Ohio gazetteer), and a packet of Moleskine cahiers. Grand total: In the neighborhood of $115. Doh!

** Funny!

* I started laughing really hard when she said this, so I didn't quite catch what she mumbled about how that went against the plot of most of her fantasies. When I asked her to repeat her original bon mot so I could transcribe it accurately into my blog post, she graciously allowed me to use "meaty" instead of "honkin'" if it made the post funnier.

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