Cornering the Cardboard Market

From the Is This Seriously Going to Work? file . . .


Buy and sell used cardboard boxes online. Enter a zipcode and find used boxes in your area. If you have a pile of boxes that you want to get rid off, you can make a quick buck by selling them on BoxCycle as well.

Read more: BoxCycle - Buy and Sell Used Cardboard Boxes.

I guess it's not a bad concept . . . it just didn't seem to me as though it was something we desperately needed.

Of course, nobody in Ohio is doing this. It seems to be mostly on the West Coast, plus a few scattered participants in New Jersey and Philly. But I only plugged in about four random ZIP codes off the top of my head,* so you might have better luck.

* Mine, of course; 45701, for Athens; 10019, which is in NYC somewhere (I use it a lot when I send permission requests to Random House and the like); and 90210 (Do I really have to explain?)

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  1. Its a great concept... has been doing it for years, in every major city in the US. But, instead of having to go out to a local place and "see what they have" you can get quality used boxes delivered to your door (free shipping). They have been doing this since 2002 and now service the entire US with free shipping in 1-2 days. You really can't beat it.

    Either way, both companies are doing something great for the environment and showing the world a new/better way to do business.