Sugar Shock

Yesterday I saw a blog post about the biggest candy store in Cleveland, and I realized that it was one of those places I drive by, am vaguely curious about, and never go in. All that changed last night.

I was overjoyed to see the massive PEZ display right by the front door.

Yards of PEZ
I stopped myself from buying the limited edition Elvis PEZ in a special tin, but just barely. Instead, I went sporty: An OSU football for my sister (which we laughed at when we were in Columbus the other week but didn't buy) and an Indians baseball for me.

I was also a little jazzed to see some stuff I haven't seen since junior high, when going to Lawson's or McDowell's Drugstore and poring over the candy display was a big deal. Oh, salted pumpkin seeds with an Indian on the red package, bubble gum cigarettes*, and Fruit Stripe gum, how I've missed you!

I'm usually not that much of a sucker for '80s nostalgia — I mean, it's more ironic laughter than true wistfulness — but when I saw the
'80s I Want Candy grab bag full of Bubble Tape, Pop Rocks, Big League Chew, Gummi Bears, Runts, Nerds, Starburst, Jelly Bellys, and a Whistle Pop .... wow.

Anyhow, I picked up some stuff for my sister. She likes sour, gummi, fruity . . . basically, anything without chocolate or nuts. I, on the other hand, am not that interested if chocolate and/or nuts are not involved. We do agree on black licorice, though, so I got a few pipes and laces.

I couldn't stay that long, though. It smelled nice, but the accumulated sugar in the atmosphere was starting to get to me. After aisle 5 or so, I couldn't really concentrate. I guess I'll have to go back . . .

Miles of Candy

*The kind with powdered sugar under the wrapper, so you can puff on it and actually look like you're smoking. One time when I was, like, ten, my Aunt Helen, my sister, and I were puffing away while playing Touring or some other game at my Oma's house and my Oma freaked out and started yelling at Helen because she thought my aunt gave us actual cigarettes. Ha! Good times . . .

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  1. God Bless You for remembering McDowell's pharmacy