Less Man Nipple, More Bonus Points [The Short Version]


The downside of being known as the Original Pub Quiz Blogger* means that you kind of have to get going with the recaps, even when you'd much rather be watching the season premiere of
Bones or getting your gear together to go to Columbus for the weekend.** It's especially bad when your team*** does just sucky enough to finish rather squarely in the middle of the pack. No lottery tickets, P.J McIntyre's gift cards, or cash prizes for us this month! Just the thrill of sitting on stage, making smart remarks to Mike D, and observing the finer details of a master at work.****

* If it says it on teh Interwebs, it must be true!
** Who am I kidding? I'm going to leave my packing until the last minute, like I do every week.
*** Dynamic Duo? Wonder Twins without powers to activate?
**** Like his "Quiz Tunez" iTunes playlist and "Rules" page outlining the evening's agenda.

Scores and Standings

Round 1: History — 6 points
Round 2: Entertainment — 5 points
Round 3: Foods of the World — 4 points
Round 4: Useless Knowledge — 7 points

Picture Round: What's the Movie? — 8 points

Round 5: Peoples — 9 points

Round 6: Video Round — 7 points
Round 7: Sports— 7 points
Round 8: The Missing Link — 5 points

Alex Trebek's Mustache (R.I.P.) did get two bonus points courtesy of the Internet coupon, and we picked up a few of the bonus points sprinkled here and there throughout the rounds, but they barely made a dent in the ever-widening gap between us and the eventual winners, Team 11.* We were tied for fifth at halftime, and sputtered to a two-way tie for sixth at the end.** We were short a person — Cathy had school last night — but Christine and I agreed that she wouldn't have known the answers to the stuff we didn't know, so it was a moot point. Well, maybe she would have helped us with a point or two during Short Attention Span Theatre,*** but that's about it.

* All together now: Boo!
** I know: Ouch!
*** My new name for the Video Round.

Quotable Quotes and Notable Notes

I don't have time right now* to cherry-pick the best of the scribblings from my Field Notes memo book, so I'll have to update this part later tonight or early next week.

Watch this space for smart remarks from Mike D, a visit from our favorite member of Team 11, the score of Christine's personal spelling test, random
Seinfeld references, the photo shoot/announcement to the crowd that inspired this post's title, and a personal theory about the mojo associated with the number 11.

In the meantime, poke around mikedpubquiz.com. He was taking some photos last night, but I don't know when/if he'll post them.

* I started this post at home last night, and had to set it aside for sleep and then frenzied laundry and packing between 6 and 8 a.m. I'm at the office now, and I should be proofing the religion catalog so the graphic designer can get it back to the coordinator for final review. Ugh.

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