I Am Jack's Guinea Pig

I kind of like Google Chrome, although I am missing a few of my Firefox extensions.

For example, in FF I have a page-preview thingy — when I hover over a hyperlink, it shows me the entire content of the linked Web page. That helps me avoid opening too many tabs and crashing FF. But since Chrome claims it can support more tabs than FF, that shouldn't be an issue —Crunch all you want, we'll make more! </Jay Leno, Doritos spokesman>

Two things that crack me up:

The "sad folder" error message

The comic book that explains some of the structure and features, including the "sad folder" error message


  1. What, no updates on the weekend? I think I might've finally caught up on sleep...

  2. I knew I would be too tired/lazy to have any kind of event recap ready to go on Monday morning, so I wrote this last Wednesday and scheduled it for today.

    Tune in tomorrow for the OU vs. OSU: OMFG! entry. (Although you don't really need to read it, since you were there for most of it, but ...)

  3. It was a great game and a great weekend for it... Even folks at work are cheering the Bobcats for their "almost" victory.

    "If your QB hadn't have gotten hurt, you guys would've won!"