Hear That?

It's Tropic Thunder, baby!  (Or the giggling emanating from a theater showing the movie, whichever.)

Christine and I saw this at the $4 theater* last night, and loved it. Just as loopy-goofy as Zoolander, where the nutjob craziness just keeps piling on. Matthew McConaughey was a pretty good replacement for Owen Wilson, but I would have liked to have seen Owen in it.

We particularly enjoyed the faux trailer for Satan's Alley. Listening to Don LaFontaine do the voice over for it and the other faux trailers ... Who else is going to bring that kind of gravitas? 

Anyhow, if you haven't seen the movie, you should. You should also rummage around on YouTube for the
Satan's Alley trailer, and for the footage of the fellas as the Pips on American Idol (as shown below).

* Technically $4.25, but it's awkward to vocalize the "and a quarter" part. And the bargain price is only for Monday – Thursday, anyhow: Weekends are still full price. Also: They've started this new concession stand scheme. You can get a slightly-larger-than-Small drink & popcorn with unlimited refills for $5. (A regular Small & Small of each would be $8.50 or so.) Again, only Monday-Thursday, but awesome!

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