Friday Timewaster: Which File Extension Are You?

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  1. I have a nice package? What's up with that?

    "You are .rpm You have a nice package. You can be useful, but your many variations sometimes make you tough to find. You aren't apt to get jealous.">
    Which File Extension are You?

  2. Maybe you can put "I have a nice package!" on your campaign materials.

    (What's this about you running for town selectman or whatever you were talking about in your status update on FB?)

  3. I am contemplating a run for Town Councilman where I live. And then last night's meeting went on forever.

  4. You just want to be on council so you'll be invited on the next tour of Smith's Junkyard ....

    That's right: I am so desperate to do anything that does not resemble actual work that I will skim the minutes of past town meetings and giggle at items in the "Mayor and Council Announcements" section.

    I like how they come down hard on people who like food and loud music:

    "Two permitted events that took place at the Town park did not go well. At one event, food may have been sold. That individual was told they would not be given a permit again. The other event last week had a crowd that far exceeded the park capacity and the number allowed on the permit, and extremely loud music. At the work session, there will be discussion on restricting activity, and how to prevent this from occurring again.

    And also: WTF? Explosions?!

    "The explosions are no longer happening very often. However, the Mayor is working with the Council Members on resolving the explosions. Senator Exum came to a meeting at Hoyer and invited the Town Council for a tour of Smith’s Junkyard."

    In other news, I hope everyone enjoyed Eagle Scout Month.

  5. I am .dll

    You are .dll You are dynamic. You are constantly in danger of bringing down the house, because you don't play well with others.

    Sounds about right. :/