I think this is one of the creepiest pictures I've ever seen. Which is why I'm making it my desktop wallpaper.

It's from a manuscript I'm working on — a curriculum guide for the YA novel Hope Was Here. We tell our authors they don't have to find illustrations/clip art themselves; just give us a general idea of what you need, and our graphic designer will create something we can use. Hence, this lovely sketch from our author to accompany an activity about diner lingo. Kids are supposed to write their order in the speech bubble, using phrases like "Adam and Eve on a raft, and wreck 'em" since the main character in the novel is a waitress. (But not a horribly disfigured one with a dorsal fin.)

Anyhow, it's not like I should talk — I can't draw, either, but .... eek! I think I need to use images from The Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks as a sorbet to cleanse my palate. </Wayne Campbell>

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