Wednesday Timewaster: Graph Jam

Places of Interest on Graph Jam

I find things like this hilarious. There are several sites like this out there, but I happened upon Graph Jam this morning, while I was compiling a list for Cathy of all the library/archives blogs I read. (She needs some additional sources for a paper she's writing for one of her library science classes. I don't know if anything on my list will help, but we'll see.)

In other news . . .

I was reading a mystery novel last night (by flashlight, since the power was off*) and got majorly annoyed at what I felt was a continuity error between the fourth and fifth book in the series.**

A bit player mentioned in passing in the fourth book became a bigger player in the fifth book, but the author acted as though we had never met this character before, and then created all kinds of detailed backstory that I felt didn't jibe with what we learned about him in the fourth book. That and some little typo-type things like
loose instead of lose also stuck in my craw.

I thought about writing an angry e-mail to the publisher, or posting a cranky review on Amazon, but decided to crab about it here instead. It's too bad, since I generally liked the books and the author. Since those were the last of that series, though, I'm moving on to Who Is Conrad Hirst? and Welcome to Shirley. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Shut up! I paid the bill! We had thunderstorms.

The offending books are Shakespeare's Trollop and Shakespeare's Counselor, if you care.

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