This Week in Netflix: Volume 25

Let's see . . .

few weekends ago I saw Hellboy II with my sister. That was a pretty good way to start off the nerd/geek trifecta of having a new Hellboy, Batman, and X-Files movie open each weekend. To finish it all off, we saw Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D. Which is chock-full of the usual 3-D gimmicks and hijinks, so, like many reviewers, I can only recommend seeing it in 3-D. Watch Journey at the Center of the Earth instead, ha ha.

I probably liked X-Files the most, if only because it's heavy on the (Is this info still considered a spoiler? I'll white it out anyways.) Mulder-Scully relationship (squee!!!!) and not so much with the aliens.

Hellboy is a close second for me. It's got a good combination of action, humor, and visual elements to keep things interesting.

In Batman, I couldn't get over the creepy "Batman voice," and the Joker's lip-smacking or cheek-chewing or whatever it was also creeped me out . . . Which I guess was the point, but . . . meh. Oh, and I got tired of the rising crescendo of cacophony whenever the Joker showed up or was somehow connected to what was happening onscreen. Also, I kept thinking it was going to end, and then there would be another twenty minutes of movie.

What's that? I'm going overboard with my "spoiler" tags? Well, I wouldn't want to upset anyone who agrees with the commenters on Gordon vs. Gordon over at Time's Nerd World blog who think that spoiler tags/alerts should be used until the movie has been out for a month. (Spoiler alert! The post contains spoilers, but no spoiler tags.) Luckily for me, I'd already seen the movie before I read the post.

In terms of actual Netflixing . . .

I got on a Bob Hope kick with Sorrowful Jones, The Paleface, and Son of Paleface. I saw the Paleface movies on TCM ages ago, but I'd never seen the Hope/Ball pairing in Sorrowful Jones before. Enjoyable, if you like that kind of thing. (One of these days my sister and I are going to watch all the Hope/Crosby Road to ... movies back-to-back, in order. It's good to have goals.)

Right now I have three discs' worth of the first Looney Toons collection gathering dust near the DVD player. You wouldn't think that watching cartoons would take so long, but these things are really packed with extras, including — get this — commentary tracks on the cartoons themselves. Ha! Awesome.

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