What a Way to Start the Day

I inadvertently woke up fifteen minutes before the alarm went off, giving me plenty of time to tune in to the weather report on channel 8 and flick over to the Angel reruns on TNT.

I was so glad I did, because I caught one of my favorite monologues:

(The camera pulls back to reveal Spike watching them from a rooftop above them.)

SPIKE: (imitating Rachel) How can I thank you, you mysterious, black-clad hunk of a night thing? (imitating Angel) No need, little lady, your tears of gratitude are enough for me. You see, I was once a badass vampire, but love and a pesky curse defanged me. Now I'm just a big, fluffy puppy with bad teeth.

(Rachel steps closer to Angel, and Angel steps back, warding her off with his hands.)

SPIKE: No, not the hair! Never the hair! (high voice) But there must be someway I can show my appreciation. (low voice) No, helping those in need's my job, and working up a load of sexual tension, and prancing away like a magnificent poof is truly thanks enough! (high voice) I understand. I have a nephew who is gay, so... (low voice) Say no more. Evil's still afoot! And I'm almost out of that Nancy-boy hair gel I like so much. Quickly, to the Angel-mobile, away!

SPIKE: Go on with you. Play the big, strapping hero while you can. You have a few surprises coming your way. The ring of Amara, a visit from your old pal Spike, and, oh yeah, your gruesome, horrible death.

I suppose I could always watch it on YouTube, now that I let my sister borrow all of my Angel DVDs, but it doesn't have the same serendipity factor as catching it on TV.

Sigh. Good times.

Oh look:

Somebody actually makes Nancy Boy Hair Gel. Nice!

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