Using the Magic Sparky Box to Distract Myself

I'm starting to freak out a little, for reasons I will explain later, so I'm perusing my RSS feeds (in a feeble attempt to make myself think that today is like any other day) and I come across this photo on Apartment Therapy:

Retro MP3 Alarm Clock

With cool retro styling, this MP3 Alarm Clock will let you wake up how you want to. Just plug it the USB cable (which conveniently hides in the back of the unit) and use the software to hand select your alarm. You can choose from the banks of sounds (which you can stack in any order and combination you desire) or stick in your own MP3 file (up to 45 seconds worth). Then you can wake up with an alarm that fits the groove of your life.

from the description on Think Geek

Mmm. Feeling a little better. But I probably shouldn't have watched Dirty Jobs and Verminators last night instead of working on my freelance project, which meant that I had to stay up until 5 a.m. trying to get it done. Urk.


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  1. Why does that seem like part of a showcase prize on the price is right?