A Conversation in the Stands

Our bird's-eye view of the action
My sister came with me to the Indians-Giants game last night. I think she was sorry she left her knitting in the car — she could have done her own personal Stitch & Pitch.

Anyhow, sometime after the seventh-inning stretch, we had this little exchange:

Me: [peering into the depths of my bag of Cracker Jacks] Are there even any peanuts in this thing?

Her: Yeah, I found a couple. Look. [holds up a small brown pellet]

Me: Hmm. Are you sure that's not just a blob of . . . . [searches for the right word]

Her: [totally deadpan] Rat droppings?

Me: [laughing hysterically] No! I was going to say a wad of sugar or carmel or something, but . . .

Her: [still deadpan] Sugar-coated rat droppings?

Both: [more laughter, to the annoyance of some people around us who wanted to, like, watch the game and stuff]

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