My Dryer Is Magic

The last two times I've taken my clothes out of the dryer, I've found a crumpled up $5 bill at the bottom of the pile.

Either it's just a reward from the gods for sucking it up and doing laundry .... or I just need to check my pockets before washing my clothes.

I don't think I have to take it as far as my dad did, though. Ages ago he wrote EMPTY ALL POCKETS in permanent marker on the wall above the washer. He also wrote DO NOT DRY SHRINKABLES over the dryer, after he turned some of my mom's sweaters into doll clothes. She says this was all part of his campaign to be inept at certain chores so he wouldn't have to do them. Apparently, it worked: She's still mostly in charge of the laundry, lo these many years later.

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