The Mice Are Living It Up All Over the Place

I'm enjoying a lovely day at the office — lovely because none of the grown-ups are here, I'm all casual in jeans and a sweater, and I got to have some coffee before 10 a.m. (the official coffee break time around these parts).

As I was coming back from the kitchenette-ette with my full mug — and it's not that I even like coffee that much, but it's something to do — my leather hiking boots were making all kinds of creaky noises. Since it's pretty much dead silent in here, you could totally hear it. I mumbled "Stoopid noisy shoes!" and Cathy laughed. Then she asked, "What's that song that goes 'And then my shoe started to squeak'?"

I had no idea, and said so, but typed it into Google to figure it out while she mocked me for not knowing it. Apparently it's from some novelty hit released in 1990: "This Is Ponderous" by 2 nu.

So, theoretically I should have heard it in high school, but even as I scanned the lyrics, I couldn't place it.

Cathy said I should read them out loud, so I did, in my best William Shatner voice, to much general amusement and cries of "Yes! I remember that part!" from Cathy. Then I YouTubed some home videos for the song (here and here) and found that it was actually performed in the Sprechgesang style, so I wasn't far off in my dramatic interpretation.

Anyhow, since there was no nun in the office to come over and talk about how she was finding it really hard to concentrate and could we keep it down over here, we got to enjoy five minutes of noisy fun for a change. Yay!

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