My Face Is Melting

Well, not really. But my lower jaw on the right side is all numb. I was at the dentist first thing this morning to have a little work done.

Thank goodness he has photo panels on his ceiling. I distracted myself by counting spots on butterflies and figuring out the ratio of pink flowers to white ones.

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  1. Don't start with me. I have had a root canal on the same tooth three times!

    You don't want to start the dental blog horror stories with me . . . :)

    But it doesn't stop me from eating these jelly beans on my desk.

  2. This was nowhere near as intense as a root canal — just some kind of sealant on a molar to prevent larger problems down the line. He did a little drilling before applying the goop, though, hence the topical anesthetic and two (count them, two!) needles full of high-octane anesthetic.

    I don't know what he shot me up with (Is Novocaine still the gold standard?) but it's practically noon and it's just now starting to wear off. It's making me a little sick to my stomach — I can't decide if I should eat lunch or not. Probably not, if only because I've been randomly drooling a tiny bit all morning, and thus can't guarantee that my lunch would stay in my mouth. I spill enough food on myself when I'm not incapacitated; I'd hate to see what my shirt looks like after I try to eat soup only on the left side of my mouth.

  3. Note to self: no soup for Amy if we have been out trolling the local bars of Chautauqua.

  4. Hardy har.

    (a) I'm not sure there are that many bars in Chautauqua for us to troll.

    (b) I'm not sure how crazy drunk I'm going to get with my mom there.

    (c) As noted in my earlier comment, I don't have to be drunk (or otherwise incapacitated) to spill stuff.

    I'm actually feeling a bit better after a ginormo strawberry milkshake from McDonald's, though. Didn't spill a drop of that!