My Morning Up to the Last Five Minutes

I've been drinking a lot of water / tea / coffee because it makes my throat feel a smidge better, so I feel a little like this, except without the fish.


And now, a little Yahoo! Mail Theatre, courtesy of Christine after I e-mailed the above link to her and Cathy yesterday:

You know, I’m not so much grossed out by the idea of this, being that we grow our crops in sh!t anyway; I mean, figure out a way of de-yellowing the pee, or at least make sure it doesn’t smell, and no one will be the wiser.

But WTH is that graphic? I think they’re trying to mimic those GE innovation ads you see, but it’s gone …creepy. The presentation is completely undermining the project. It’s not even an accurate depiction of what they’re doing.

And what the heck is that fish about? Is it about to take a nibble at his feet? Did it … come from the toilet and is now about to be sucked back into the pipe? Is it merely a way to reinforce our understanding that the figure is drinking water, as opposed to … what? TideeBowl? Why am I in the mood for sushi?


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