Friday Timewaster: Flight of the Hamsters

From Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch, via Metafilter . . . via a jillion other sites, because this thing has been around for a bit. But hey, it's new to me!

Flight of the Hamsters

I have a hard time hitting the hamster with the pillow. Obviously I need to spend about eight hours fine-tuning my launching technique.

On the bright side, Dave Barry can't hit the hamster either.

Edited to add:
Ooh! Somehow I actually managed to catch the little rockets and bounce in the balls and stuff, and I got a new high score! (For me, anyway.)

Meanwhile . . .

I can't lay my hands on the cable that connects my camera to my laptop — which is what I get for being so messy* — so I can't show you the thirty photos I took at last night's stop on the Indians Press Tour.** I'll probably pick up a memory card reader later on, but for now I'll leave you with this text-message exchange I had with Missy during the event:

  • ME: Just saw sexenor . . . that's what comes up when you are in t9 mode and try to type sizemore. I forgot to take a photo though. Will have to correct that soon!

  • MISSY: Send me a copy if you get one : )

* True story: My apartment is so messy that I wouldn't let Cathy inside yesterday — I made her wait in the hall while I put on my shoes, scarf, and coat. I'm not saying I'm proud of it . . . okay, I kind of am.

** I also have about seven that Cathy kindly e-mailed to me. I had a minor freakout just now when the camera wouldn't read the memory card, and said that there were zero photos. Thankfully, after I took the card out and re-inserted it, the photos appeared. Whew!

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