Obligatory Holiday-Related Post: Four in a Series

Poor Ralphie, suffering from stage fright and agreeing to receive a football, moments before he comes to his senses, crawls up the slide, is told, 'You'll shoot your eye out, kid.' and gets a boot to the face. I love that part.
Have I mentioned that I love A Christmas Story? I also like this article by James Poniewozik in Time:
Generation X-mas.

In related news . . . SwagDog sells some funny t-shirts.

Ha! Fake cursing. Oh, and 'Frah-geee-lay. That must be Italian.' I love that part, too.

If I get a Leg Lamp from the gift shop at A Christmas Story House, do I have to put it in a window? My geography professor fall quarter freshman year at OU* is one of the passersby in the scene where the dad goes out in the street to admire the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window. He's got a tweed cap on, I think, and he just kind of keeps walking back and forth behind the hedges, craning his neck to see around the other people while the dad talks about it being a major award.

Oh, I see that they also make it as a night light and as a string of lights for the tree. Oh! Oh! And an inflatable one for use as a lawn ornament. . . . Nice!

I still want to go to the house and take a tour, followed by dinner at the Chinese restaurant. And maybe even see A Christmas Story on stage at the Cleveland Play House. In the meantime, I can watch the movie parody in Bun-O-Vision.

*The same guy who went to high school with Jeffrey Dahmer, was in Czechoslovakia in 1989 when the communist government fell, and started a fight with the Miami football team at Homecoming in 1992. He's lived quite the life.

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