Friday Timewaster: Barcode Bedlam and Last-Minute Gift Ideas

I really need to buckle down and get to work, because I theoretically have three FOUR projects I need to finish by 4:30. However . . . I've put them off this long, so what's another fifteen FORTY-FIVE minutes, right? Right.

Anyhow: I didn't have a real timewaster handy, but as I scanned my Drafts folder I realized that there were a handful of random bits and pieces with the annotation "Want!" or "How cool is this?" Thus, I thought I'd do a big mash-up in case people need last-minute gift ideas. (Although these would have to be Serbian Christmas* presents at this point, but whatever. You could always print the photo of the item and stick it in the card, which is what I was going to do with the book I ordered for Cathy for her birthday, except then I lost track of where the printed photo went, so she just had to believe my scribbled note that an actual gift was coming.)

So, if you're in the market for snarky t-shirts with vaguely retro, pop culture, or geeky themes (and who isn't?): Try Diesel Sweeties, or perhaps Snorg Tees. Some samples:

From Diesel Sweeties

From Diesel Sweeties

From Snorg Tees

From Snorg Tees

If you like a certain artist, but wonder what it would be like if, say, Ozzy Osbourne fronted a lounge band, or if the Beastie Boys had a jam session with some of the guys from P-Funk, check out
Vitamin Records.

Sabbath in the Suburbs from Vitamin Records

Boogaloo to the Beastie Boys from Vitamin Records

A few more music-related items. . .

Meanwhile, I suppose you could kill time at work by playing Barcode Bedlam.

Barcode Bedlam

Meanwhile, from the "In case you care . . . " department: This is pretty much the last post from me until January. Yay, vacation!

*January 7 — They follow the old calendar.

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    My favorite is 1.4 "Here's to bio pickup lines". Ray likes the one about Pluto