Just Dreamy

Wow. This Dreamcade 2.0 brings back memories of playing Centipede and Pac-Man at Rocco's Pizza when I was in, like, fifth grade. Good times.

Upon further investigation, almost everything at Dream Arcades qualifies as awesome.


  1. Hey, aren't you going to the game tonight? Go Tribe! Yes, the Indians beat the Yankees, but I hate the Red Sox more.

    And either way, whoever wins is going to lose to the Rockies!

  2. I have come to the conclusion that I am a jinx. If I am in Jacobs Field, the Indians lose. I went to two games over the summer, and I went to the Tribe Pride Party (try saying that five times fast) on Friday, and all three times they lost. So, for the good of the team, I'm going to stay home.