This Week in Netflix: Volume 15

As I anxiously awaited the start of the new TV season (which is finally here: Yay!), I caught up with some shows I felt were enjoyable and left us too soon:


Keen Eddie
I think I'm officially over Jay Mohr at this point, but I still enjoy Mark Valley. Plus, I tend to like cop/detective/mystery shows more than Hollywood in-jokes anyhow.

Then I saw a few things that I missed in the theaters:


Unaccompanied Minors


Again with the hotness: Does Ryan Gosling ever take a bad picture? And I don't know what kind of (fake?) accent it was, but I liked it. You know, like liked it. Oh, I'm sorry: Did you have a question about the movie? Well, it was pretty good. I think I recall some critics commenting on the ending being too pat, and I can see their point, but it didn't ruin the movie for me.

The kids-snowed-in-at-the-airport movie was a silly diversion that seemed to star almost every correspondent or bit player from The Daily Show and Arrested Development. Plus, Paul Feig (of Freaks and Geeks fame) was in charge, so the combination of Hey! It's that Guy! plus some general offbeat goofiness made it worth renting. (The ending seemed sappy and a little Hunh?, but whatever. I'm willing to look the other way on that because I enjoyed the commentary track.)

Of the time-traveling Sandra Bullock movies, I have to say that I like The Lake House better. I mean, they're both okay if you take them on face value and just roll with it, and not spend time trying to apply logic and figure out what's going on. But the ending on this one, it's just: Damn. Also: If death is not an option, I'll take Keanu Reeves over Julian McMahon every day of the week. McMahon skeeves me out: partly because I watched one or two episodes of Nip/Tuck when it first started, so he'll always be that character for me, and partly because I think he looks like Kerr Smith from Dawson's Creek.

So: I'm looking forward to watching Zodiac and Hot Fuzz, two more things I wanted to see on the big screen and never did.

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