This Week in Netflix: Lucky Volume 13

I'm kind of glad I didn't go see Music and Lyrics in the theater. There's not a lot to it, so it's just looking at Hugh, not looking at Stroke Face, and trying to stop the song from burrowing into your brain and making itself a nice little ear worm nest.

On that last point I was only somewhat successful, because I couldn't stop humming it to myself yesterday. I was thisclose to buying it on iTunes. Fortunately, I was somewhat busy with actual work, so my 99 cents is still in my pocket.

I was going to try to get in Catch and Release, which I also heard was rated Meh, for a little chick-flick double-feature action, but I was otherwise occupied last night. The Indians game went to 13 innings! Stoopid White Sox.

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  1. You should have read this before putting Music and Lyrics in your queue, but then again, you might have still wanted to see it.

    I too, was swept up by the "catchy" songs - "POP! Goes my Heart!" So for some musical brain rinsing read my latest post.

    I have lots of NYC ideas (having grown up there). We can discuss if you like.

    And I loved the Statetris game! You and I are really good at finding the time suckers!