Insult to Injury

Ticketmaster, in its infinite wisdom, decided that since I live in Northeast Ohio, I would love to have the opportunity to attend Pittsburgh Steelers games. Hence the e-mail I received a few weeks ago:

The hell? I don't care if the entire Browns team is on the injured list (a definite possibility, given the way things have been going), I am never going to a Steelers game. (I was originally going to write "never root for the Steelers," but then I remembered that I grudgingly rooted for them in the Super Bowl the other year, even though they're Pittsburgh and Big Ben went to Miami, thus earning them two black eyes in my book.)

Anyhow, the Browns are probably going to lose to the Broncos (again!) on Saturday, but I'll try to stay awake to watch it. I fell asleep the other week when they managed to beat Kansas City. My grandma teased me that it's probably the only win Cleveland will get all season, and I missed it. She's probably right.

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