Retaining My Crown

So, this is how much I did not want to work on my freelance project over the weekend: I organized my CD collection and did some laundry. That's hard-core procrastination right there, because usually I will do anything and everything to avoid doing household chore-type items.

I didn't go all out and alphabetize the collection or anything, but I did group things generally by genre. I also freed up some precious shelf space by putting about forty CDs I'm definitely going to trade on Lala into a separate box.

I didn't wash my entire wardrobe, either, although it totally needs it. Everything I actually wear to work or out with friends is in piles on the bed. Even the stuff I only wear around the house is dirty and piled up on the floor. I picked out what I'm going to need for work and vacation for the next two weeks, and washed that. FutureAmy can deal with the rest.

Anyhow, as part of my work-avoidance scheme, I got sucked into watching some stuff on TLC on Sunday. Have you seen this show called Big Medicine about a father & son team of doctors who do weight reduction surgeries? OMG. Not a good show to watch after you've been lounging on the sofa all afternoon, eating Apple Jacks right out of the box, because it's filled with thousand-pound people struggling to stand up after five years of being bedridden because they're morbidly obese. Eep.

Later on, I caught the tail end of a show about some conjoined twins. That channel does a lot of conjoined-twins stories, but I hadn't seen this one. I had seen the show that followed it, the one about the girl who's wicked tiny, so I wandered farther up the dial. That's where I came across the last two episodes of Flavor of Love: Charm School. I had heard of this show (I love Mo'Nique!), but had never seen an episode. Dude, this is a total train wreck! I could not look away! Oy. Apparently there's a reunion show next week. I may have to tune in.

Other things that were advertised on VH1 and that I may find myself watching in the future (even though I kind of hope not):

I also saw the trailer for Superbad for the first time. Awesome! Cannot wait for August 17th! Note for Cathy: Apparently there's a whole sequence featuring Van Halen's "Panama" — or, as you prefer to call it, "Manimal."

I finally sucked it up and started working around midnight. I drank a pot of coffee doctored up with lots of hazelnut syrup and sugar and powered through, finishing the bulk of it just in time to get washed up and dressed for work. I still have a smidge to finish, but I can deal with that this afternoon. It was really only about seven hours of work, and I could totally have knocked it out on Saturday and gone to my friend's social event at the brewpub on Sunday afternoon, but noooo: I had to be Queen of the Last Minute.

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  1. Our CD collection is not organized by genre, but it is alphabetized. We're still working out the LaLa system, but we do have a separate section for LaLa-ready trades. The envelopes/clamshells are on a shelf next to the CD rack.

    The only thing we're bad at is actually downloading CDs into iTunes as they come in, before we put them on the shelf. But once we figure out that part (Leave them next to the computer? Designate a shelf spot?) it will be a well-oiled machine.

    The Scott Baio show just lays it all out in the title, doesn't it?