Cruising the Interwebs

That's right. It's hand soap.
Made to look like baby hands. Ew! (via GiggleSugar via LMNOP)

I was going to link to the other stuff I've been looking at since I arrived at my desk, but it's essentially all the stuff on the LMNOP entry linked above, with a little splash of "Fun Things to Do in Microsoft Office" from a related site, The Bathtub. (via Nikki's e-mail)

In other news:
I discovered that I have misplaced my flash drive. Usually it's on my key ring, but maybe I left it at my parents' house? Ugh. Now I have to go down there tonight and look for it, because I kind of really need it for a meeting tomorrow. Actually, I needed it for a ton of work I was supposed to be doing Sunday and Monday nights. Now I feel somewhat less guilty about blowing off the project last night so I could catch up on my tapes of Burn Notice and Rescue Me and read the third installment of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books. (Shut up!)

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