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My dad wanted peace and quiet for Father's Day, so my mom and I went to the movies. We saw Nancy Drew at the Lake in Barberton to cap off the Nancy Drew film festival we started earlier that weekend with the marathon on TCM. The old ones from the 1930s are hi-larious on several levels; I highly recommend checking them out for mocking purposes. The new one is okay — also mockable, and that goofy Josh Flitter kid is a hoot.

I had been planning for weeks to see Knocked Up on Monday night. However, when I went online Monday morning to check the movie times, Yahoo! claimed it wasn't playing at the Cinemark in Valley View. Boo! I cancelled my plans, only to have them reinstated at 4:15 that afternoon when a friend of a friend figured out that the online listings were all wrong and the show started at 7. So, we had half-price appetizers at Champs and checked out the show.

If you love Freaks & Geeks, Undeclared, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, or the current cast of Saturday Night Live, you'll see a lot of familiar funny faces. I also enjoyed the little rant by Ryan Seacrest. The movie itself is kind of long, but I love Seth Rogen, so I didn't care. Mary Lu wanted more Paul Rudd, but I think he was onscreen plenty. He does a surprisingly good DeNiro impression, though.

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