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Brendan O'Neill's Orphans
Oh man. Last night was crazy.

We got there around 8, and they were already down to some beer and some of the malt beverages. The kitchen was supposedly closed, but one of the waitstaff who knows us said we could get burgers but no fries. They did have coleslaw, but it took forever to hunt up some silverware. I actually got cheese and ketchup on my burger — it may not sound like much, but it was quite a spread compared to what some other people got.

Anyhow, we hung around until 11:30 or so — long enough to watch (a) the Cavs win, (b) Cathy polish [off] a Knob [Creek], and (c) Mike take progressively more incriminating photos, the tamer of which are posted on a My Space page he started: Brendan O'Neill's Orphans.

The ones from last night are in the last dozen or so shots in the slideshow. There's a good photo of the Hot Bartender — who, I ascertained, does not know how to make a Hot Nut, but he was willing, if only they hadn't run out of coffee already — and the second hottest bartender, who turns out to be the HB's brother [Nice!] and they're both happily married [Doh!]. Look for the guy in a black t-shirt (HB) next to a guy in a white polo shirt. You can't really enlarge the photo, so you'll just have to take my word for it about the hotness. There are a few images that are being privately circulated — things got a bit interesting there for a while, since some people don't eat that kind of meat and therefore were drinking on an essentially empty stomach. Good times. The week's going to be all downhill from here, I can tell you that.

>> Update <<
Now you can view a larger slideshow or look at a photo gallery. There's a nice shot of HB runner-up here, and the picture of him with the HB should be available here.

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