This Week in Netflix: Volume 5

After Easter, I was kind of slammed with taxes and freelance stuff, all of which cut into my movie-watching time. When I finally got around to watching these, I wasn't that impressed.

I think that's because the first three are indie-type dramas that I wasn't in the mood for. Although I'm not sure I'd ever be in the mood to watch someone set his hand on fire, contemplate jumping off a highway overpass, or kill himself in a standoff with police, among other depressing and odd things.

The last one just seemed like a tired variation on three movies I'd seen before. In particular, The Score, and in particular, Christine's comment when we saw it: "That's it?! The ol' switcheroo?!"

Sadly, Heist did not have any "Is it a garbage truck? Is it a mastodon? I just don't know!!" moments of giddy hi-larity. But that's probably because I didn't watch it with Cathy.

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