This Week in Netflix: Volume 4

Nothing too exciting this time around. The best of the lot was a silly teen flick.

  • The Marine
    I got this for Cathy — I figured she needed a good dose of eye candy.

  • John Tucker Must Die
    Jesse Metcalfe is adorable! I don't care that Wesley Morris of the San Francisco Chronicle said "This one is like watching 100 minutes of acne." Fun fact: The woman who does the music placement for The O.C. (and who is starting her own record label) did the soundtrack for this movie. I could tell — lots of O.C. standbys, including Nada Surf, plus the theme of '80s hits reinterpreted by new indie pop sensations.

  • Idlewild
    Interesting for the costumes and set decoration. Am I that much of a sucker for period pieces?

  • In the Bedroom
    Snooze inducing. I nodded off about halfway through, and watched the last half in fast-forward when I woke up. I don't care how many awards this was nominated for, I couldn't get into it.

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