Woo! I'm Famous!

If by "famous" you mean "quoted in an e-mail newsletter about basketball." (It's a little-used definition — probably about 8 or 9 in Webster's list of senses of the term.)

Lemme break it down:

There's this guy, Sam, who has
a Web site about basketball and who sends out an e-mail with his thoughts about the game. A few issues back, he talked about how awesome the Cavs are. (And how could he not? At the time, they were on a seven-game winning streak.) He also noted that whenever he praises teams in his newsletter, they tend to go into a slump — his own version of the Sports Illustrated cover jinx. So, he told Cavs fans to keep their fingers crossed.

A few days after his words hit my inbox, the Cavs go into a funk. Yes, we're definitely playoff-bound, but I want them to catch the Pistons and take the division title, dang it. So, I e-mailed Sam to thank him for bringing on the bad luck, and he quoted me in the latest edition!

[I wrote] “Well, it seemed to take a few days, but your jinx on the Cavaliers kicked in. Thanks a lot!”

Dear Amy, sorry. But you are right. Last week, I featured the Cavs and they followed it up by going 1-2, including a loss against a Charlotte team that was without Emeka Okafor, Brevin Knight and Sean May. Even their win against Utah was an “ugly, grind-it-out” affair, according to coach Mike Brown.

The Amico Report has long history of jinxing featured teams -- which are just 3-14 following newsletters this season. Dallas has lost just 11 games all year, and TWO came just a few days after receiving praise from me.

Honestly, I hope to stop writing about this, but it just keeps happening. That said, I will gladly accept money to NOT write about your favorite team. Or better yet, accept money to write about a team you hate.

So, now I have to break out the checkbook and see how much he'll take to write about the Pistons.

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