T Minus 2

My friend is bummed about the post-Q & A poker game, since she bought Kevin's book and wanted to get it signed. I didn't know he had a book, but apparently he does and it's a big hit: the first printing sold out.

On the plus side, you can order an autographed copy from his online store. It's not personally autographed and you don't get to be near him while he wields the Sharpie, so I realize that it's not the same thing as standing in a massive line for several hours and ending up with a personal dedication on the title page plus other random promotional goodies because the author and/or store staff are impressed at your stamina — which is apparently what happened when a group of us went to see David Sedaris do a reading at Joseph-Beth's last year. (I wimped out and went home, as they are fond of reminding me.)

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  1. chuck riggle amt4500@yahoo.com2/28/2007 10:51 AM

    Do you have any extra tickets?