Free Time

When I called my mom Tuesday afternoon to tell her about going home early and staying there until Thursday morning, she said, "Oh, well, that'll be nice. You can use the time at home to clean your kitchen. And catch up on your laundry."

"Uhm. Yeah, I could," I said, looking around the room and wondering if she (a) somehow secretly installed video cameras or (b) read my blog. I went with (c) she's my mother and she knows me while she filled me in on the antics of the cat. (My mom's almost finished with this complicated sweater she's been knitting, and Molly insists on chewing on all the yarn. Oh, you crazy cat!)

Anyhow, I didn't really have any intention of doing anything productive on my day off. And now I can say, Mission Accomplished! I caught up with stuff I'd taped (Studio 60, Gilmore Girls, American Idol) and a movie I Netflixed (The Last Kiss).

After that, I went online to check my e-mail. A detour into blogsurfing reminded me that pitchers and catchers report to Winterhaven today, so I felt compelled to haul out my tape of Major League. I think my favorite bit is actually the opening credits, but watching the Yankees get beat was a lovely way to kill time until Cavs vs. Jazz.

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