O-H! Oh No!

Oh man. What a letdown.

It started out so well, too, with the kickoff return. Sixteen seconds, TD. Awesome. Too bad he got dinged up in the celebration and had to sit out the rest of the game.

When OSU scored its second touchdown, I told my friend, That guy's from Akron. Then a few seconds later the TV announcer identified the player as being from Akron's Buck-tell High School. If I had been drinking anything at the time, I would have spit it across the room because I started laughing so hard. My friend's all, Er, why is that funny? So I had to explain that it's spelled B-u-c-h-t-e-l and pronounced more like Book-tuhl. Honestly, I'm surprised that the dude said Akron right — I've heard people who are generally unfamiliar with NE OH say Ay-kron instead of Ack-rin. But I guess that must have been B.L. (Before LeBron).

It all went downhill — waaaay downhill — from there. One bright spot was the snippet of each band's halftime performance that the network deigned to broadcast. The so-called TBDBITL was cut off right when it was getting interesting, though. What was with hiding behind the blue fabric? Was the band, not content with simply creating a horrid Celine Dion earworm that lingers to this hour, going to reenact the entire movie? Maybe I can look up the whole show on YouTube later. I'm sure somebody's mom taped it and had her 13-year-old nephew upload it for her.

Anyhow, I got through three quarters of watching a Tressell-coached team play like a Crennel-coached team — Maybe that will shut up the lunkheads who think that somehow Tressell could be talked into quitting OSU and coming to coach the Browns? Doubt it. — and then I coudn't take it anymore and had to leave. I went home and found a message from Cathy on my machine: So, are you going to call your dad up and tell him to quit rooting for OSU? Heh.

After that, I tried to watch some some shows I'd taped while I was on vacation, but fell asleep on the couch instead. When I woke up, the Fox 8 morning crew was crying about the loss. I cracked up when Tracy McCool leaned over and took out Wayne Dawson's pocket square to dab at her eyes. (Mostly because of the look that flashed on Wayne's face when she leaned toward him: Uhm, where's your hand going?) Anyhow, someone at Channel 8 came up with the O-H! Oh No! headline, which also made me laugh, so I stole it for this post.

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