No Joke

I have been totally wanting to call in cold now that it's been all snow, all the time around here. And now that I finally sucked it up and set up a TV/DVD/VCR in my bedroom.
I don't know why I waited so long to do that, to be honest. I've only had it for maybe a week, but I'm really enjoying being all roasty toasty in bed with the electric blanket while Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Craig Ferguson entertain me.
Remember that episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelai starts dating Digger, and she stays over at his place and he's got a guest room with a snazzy TV built in at the foot of the bed? Here, I'll use the Television Without Pity recap to refresh your memory:
But Lorelai looks at the [guest] room. It's filled with books, which means I wouldn't mind having to stay there every night. There's a fully loaded mini-bar with soda, candy, and tiny bottles of hooch. Mmm. CD player, CDs, and a DVD library. Oh, yeah. Keep going, Digger. Faster! Faster! Digger hits a remote and a plasma television raises from the foot of the bed. My boyfriend is now dating Digger. "Oh, come on, now that is cool," Digger says to Lorelai. She admits that the room is good. Digger wishes this were his own room, but that if he has any distractions, he can't sleep: "TV, reading material, absolutely gorgeous woman." Lorelai scoffs that she should at least get billing over the television. "It's plasma," Digger says. Lorelai: "Oh. Well." He tells Lorelai that the bathroom is stocked with Kiehl's, and now I'm dating Digger. Lorelai says that if she leaves it won't be that big a deal. If she leaves, I'm going over there. Lorelai says she'll stay, adding, "Freak." He thanks her, kisses her, and goes off to his sensory-deprivation tank. Lorelai jumps into bed and turns on The Daily Show. Yep, that's a perfect night, right there.
It's almost that good. I didn't spring for a plasma, and I'm not into Kiehl's, although I hear it's awesome, but books, snacks, and TV? Check, check, and check. Hmm. Almost 9 o'clock. Guess where I'm going now?

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