Dispatches from the Road, Volume 6

Today I drove around greater ATL a bit and eventually ended up out at Stone Mountain.

I took the skyride to the top, looked around, took a few photos — which probably won't come out right because it was so sunny — came back down, bought a few postcards, and called my grandpa to rub it in, since when I saw him before I left to come down here he mentioned that he would really like to see it.

I don't know what we'll end up doing tonight — initially I had wanted to go see the Cavs play the Hawks downtown, and I probably should have gone back downtown after SM, instead of coming back to my sister's. She's taking a nap that looks like it could last until I have to leave tomorrow morning. But she needs the rest, so I guess I'm off to entertain myself.

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  1. I love Stone Mountain - great place to watch fireworks or a light-show...
    I used to live just a few minutes away, until I continued further South.